Sector Alpha

Sector Alpha Hosting is the online hosting branch of Sector Alpha, founded and open to the public in 2018. We pride ourselves in providing a high quality service above all else.


We aim to provide a service where performance trumps everything else. We believe that the customer should be responsible for setting the stack which they want to host online.

A lot of hosting providers give you a service that caps out once a specific amount of bandwidth is used, or provide insufficient software. At Sector Alpha Hosting we believe that you deserve the best hosting possible at a reasonable price.

What We Provide

We have included some example stacks featuring PHP 7.0, Django 2.0 and NodeJS on our Home Page. If there is something not there that you wish to use, then Contact us and we shall do our best to include that software or service for you. If it is not possible to do so at this time, we will aim to contact you at a later date.

Sometimes our servers go down on Sunday between 1:30pm and 3:30pm London time for a short while for upgrades. We will notify our customers via our mailing list when this occurs.

We are always upgrading our server technology and what we can offer and provide. In the near future we aim to have a new interactive hosting portal for you to manage your hosting requirements.


Sector Alpha Hosting has it's origins in 2011. Frustrated with the lack of decent hosting options for the needs of Sector Alpha, Ben Thompson (Also known as Cosmosquark) decided to aquire dedicated servers for Sector Alpha.

With time, Simon Armstrong (Also known as Staircase27), joined Sector Alpha, and together they opened up a web hosting service to close friends and family. Today, Sector Alpha Hosting is open and available for the public.

Ben and Simon both have years of experience at hosting customers websites. Maybe we will have the privilege of hosting yours. Contact us if you wish to consider hosting with us, we aim to meet your requirements. Or if you just wish to get in touch about anything related to our hosting services. We will aim to respond to your email in 3 working days.

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